Follow our team as we compete in MoonBots 2012! We are Asa, Kyle, and Matt (Captain). Email: matt@mattjensen.com
Our rover, "Inspiration", is designed to move over a sandy, rocky, lunar landscape. It navigates with binaural ultrasound, and can also be remotely controlled with a joystick.

UPDATE: We had a great webcast on 2012-11-11 at the Museum of Flight! Video to be posted soon.

Detailed Pictures

Here are some detailed pictures of our landscape and robot ("Inspiration"). Click to enlarge.


Front View

Arm down. Note gearing for torque, and care taken to keep cables out of sensors' line of sight.

Created a lever to make touch sensor more sensitive. Without lever, robot would run over the target items without triggering touch sensor.

Overhead view. Sensors spaced 30cm apart after leaving base.

Underside. Red bricks are heavy LEGO(R) weights, from a boating set in the 1980s. Their  weight helped bring our center of gravity lower, and make Inspiration less top-heavy.

Traversing the High Ridge.

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